Splatfest – NA & EU 

Posted on July 31, 2015 @ 11:28 am by Inkopolis News

Greetings from the great outdoors! As soon as Camp Triggerfish was discovered, we just knew that we needed to take a Squid Research Lab company camping trip. We’ve all been in agreement about how great camping is, but have run into one little problem: we can’t seem to decide what to roast over the campfire.

Intern Milton is all like, “HOT DOGS!” and Intern Stephenie all like, “MARSHMALLOWS.” We only have so many pointy sticks to use to roast things so we’re going to need to come to an agreement on this. We’ve decided to let the next Splatfest decide for us! Head to the Pledge Board and vote Marshmallow or Hot Dog and then fight for your team from 8/7 at 9 PM PT to 8/8 at 9 PM PT.

European Splatfest   

The next European Splatfest will be on 08/08 at 18:00 BST! #TeamNorthPole or #TeamSouthPole?


  • #TeamMarshmallows on the streets, #TeamHotDogs in the sheets.

  • I think I’m gonna go #TeamHotDog, l like picking underrated stuff. 😛

  • Hot Dog, for sure. <3 Nhom