Halloween Splatfest – Pirates vs. Ninjas

Posted on October 25, 2015 @ 3:24 pm by Inkopolis News

Hocus or Pocus. 

Trick or Treat. 

Ghosts or Goblins. 

These are some of the impossible decisions that have plagued Halloween fanatics since the dawning of time. However, the most heated debate has always been Pirates vs. Ninjas. 

Join us on for a very spooky Splatfest that aims to settle the score. Is it better to dress like a pirate? (You can use your new parrot friend to justify getting two pieces of candy.) Or is it better to be a ninja? (You can sneak up and steal your own candy! They’ll never see you coming – or going.) 

We recently took a Twitter Poll for 24hrs! Here are the results:

Join us at 9 PM PT on 10/30 to settle this score the only way we know how – BY GETTING REALLY, REALLY INKY. 

BEE TEE DUBS, beginning with this Splatfest the multiplier for wins has updated from 4 to 6. Good luck, Inklings!